WHAT PLANES? Dr. Morgan Reynolds 9/11 No Planes Presentation

Dr. Morgan Reynolds analyses the WTC plane stories and compares them with other plane crashes.

Richard D. Hall on the 9/11 Planes

Richard seeks to expose some of the perfidious practices going on behind the scenes by the cowards who use phoney front men to carry out their agenda. Starting by analysing some of the video evidence of the so called “planes” on 9/11. After watching this section it is inescapable that real aeroplanes did not impact into the world trade centres. Advanced technologies were employed both with the disappearance of the twin towers and with the illusions we were presented with on our TV screens.
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Richard D. Hall – 9/11 “Flight 175” – 3D Radar Analysis

During the 9/11 “attacks”, the flight 175 “impact” was recorded by between 50 and 60 different video cameras, each having a different viewing perspective of the same event. Even though there are so many recordings of what happened, the evidence in these videos casts huge doubt over whether boeing 767s were used in the attacks. Other non video evidence also supports the “no planes” hypothesis. In this weeks show Andrew Johnson joins Richard to discuss new analysis of 9/11 radar and video evidence. Originally done in 2012, this analysis was updated in 2016.
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9/11 Planes, Layers of Deception

9/11 was a global psychological operation which deceived over half of the world, in which the effects on display were not caused by what most people were lead to believe. If you believe the official story, then you really need to leave the human race and go and live in a flange of baboons. Working out what really happened has been a difficult journey for most honest researchers. This is because there are as many “muddle up merchants” operating in 9/11 research as there are genuine truth seekers. The muddle up merchants have been trying to discredit all of the video footage, some of which provides clues to what really happened. Evidence that passenger jet planes were used in any of the four attacks is slim to non existent. Richard is joined by Mark Conlon and Andrew Johnson who dispel some of the dis-information and hence get closer to the truth on the 9/11 plane issue.
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Investigating the ‘No Planes’ Theory and the proposed video fakery, With Mark Conlon

Mark Conlon joins Unite Planet and brings with him his well researched and detailed analysis on 9/11, particularly with the planes used, or not as the case may be, and also into the proposed video fakery, and whats really behind that theory.
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9/11 Alchemy – Facing Reality

Documentary by Christian Hampton which looks at the anomalies within the 9/11 evidence and sheds light on the hidden technology which may have been used. The film includes some of the work of Richard D. Hall on the “planes” and attempts to show how the illusion was staged. Also featured are Andrew Johnson, Dr Judy Wood and Mark Conlon. Mark has been grappling with the 9/11 plane issue for years and has moved the plane debate into new territory with his keen eye for detail.

Dr. Morgan Reynolds round table discussion with researchers Richard D Hall, Andrew Johnson and retired pilot John Lear

In 2012 Richard carried out analysis of 9/11 radar and video evidence of flight 175 as it appeared to impact on the world trade centres South Tower. The analysis showed that 26 separate recordings of this event showed a consistent aeroplane path. Video and radar data showed that the object was travelling at around 580 miles per hour. Most pilots agree that 580 miles per hour is an impossible speed for a 767 travelling near sea level. Not only that, close up videos showing the alleged plane impacting on the side of the tower show completely impossible impact dynamics. Very little deceleration is seen on “impact”, no plane debris break off and the whole plane is seen to be enveloped into solid steel columns. So with two major impossibilities the question arises, what was actually used? We know whatever it was cannot have been a 767 due to the impossible speed, so why did it appear to be the shape of a 767? By studying the video evidence closely it suggests that some kind of illusion was being generated to trick observers of the existence of a 767 aircraft. It is possible that a solid object was cloaked inside the illusion. If the military carried out this event, then it is a reasonable assumption that a missile may have been used at the centre of the illusion to create the explosion. John Lear explains just how impossible the speed was, which is a piece of glaring evidence that is not going to go away.

No Planes 9/11 – Dr. Judy Wood

Conclusive Evidence the 9/11 Planes were NOT REAL

Donald Trump recognizing the impossibility of a plane passing through thick steel and concrete on 9/11.

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